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Someone that worships a person beyond normal means. Immortialized by the Galvin Chow, the webmaster of, when he used the word to describe his fans. Has been generally used about people that worship online 'stars'.
"Oh my god, that was awesome!"


"That youtube video where the guy played the piano blindfolded!"

"Wow, don't become a fuckbot now...."
Slang for sexbot - any device designed to stimulate genitals to simualte sex with no or limited human input.
Hey man, you wanna wash my fuckbot after you use it without asking?
by Manny Sheen August 30, 2004
Admit it, you misspelled 'fuckboy' to get here
fuckbot. Fuckboy***
by Subordinating January 05, 2015
a person (usually a straight white boy) who seems normal irl but acts like a complete fuckboy online or when texting.
That guy seemed normal when she spoke to him in person, but it turns out he was a total fuckbot.
by sofia_ March 14, 2016
An exclaimatory phrase used to convey frustration or displeasure. Usually preceeds the declairation of the cause of the displeasure.
"Fuckbot! The essay was due today?"
"Fuckbot! Why cant I just beat this level?!"
by Brian November 03, 2004
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