Top Definition
A term used on facebook when you are having cyber sex with another person over facebook
cassie: grace was fuckbooking when we were supposed to be getting our project done
molli: that little bitch
by whos that girl? May 31, 2009
the act of sexting through facebook messages.
"Oh was johnny fuckbooking again today? i told him sexting was classier."
by fuckbooker November 19, 2011
The act of being on facebook while fucking.
Ah shit man, I was talking to this girl I like and it turns out she was "fuckbooking."

Bet you wish you were on the better behind of that one!
by WiseWordsFromLemons February 28, 2011
When you know you should be doing something more important but insist on being on FaceBook instead.
James was FuckBooking so much that he lost his job.
by JungleBoi August 18, 2011
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