He whose out right stupidity and outright lack of ability to do anything correct.
you are such a Fuckbag man
by Tango1995 October 16, 2009
1. Derogatroy name, can be used in place of asshole, douchebag, etc.
2. Whoever decided Quad residents can't sit on the front steps anymore.
1. "That fuckbag just cut me off!!!"
2. "I paid to live here fuckbag, don't tell me where to chill out"
by RTM_Rey November 15, 2005
A female with no legs,dwarf,or midget that average size man uses for sex.
Damn she's a little fuck bag.
by fluffy tummy March 28, 2013
1: To people fucking in a bag.
2: A bag that will fuck you.
3: A fucking idiot, jerk or ass.
4: Fuck itself in a bag.
1: Yeah those fuckbags were at it all night long.
2: The little boy was raped but the fuckbag.
3: Tom is a fuckbag.
4: The holy fuckbag.
by Teh W. Crack Fairy March 17, 2008
Female version of fuckstick.
That Lonondasheequa is such a fuckbag.
by Juan Valdez December 19, 2002
1. A shit-filled, waste-of-space type person

2. A person who thinks they're better than you

3. Someone who has low-self confidence and hates there life so they bully others to try and reduce them to their level.

4. The subject of the Lily Allen song "Fuck You" eg. George Bush

5. A bag used as a substitute for real sex which may be filled with objects to induce high levels of sexual pleasure. For example: your mother.
Teacher: Why are you talking ?!
Student: Why are you such a fuckbag?
Teacher: Excuse me? WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY.
Student: I said you were a virgin FUCKBAG.
Teacher: I am not a "virgin fuckbag" how dare you!!
Student: Oh yeah, I forgot about that 4 year old girl you raped.
by Stronger than a fuckbag May 27, 2009
A plastic bag or plastic wrap used with a rubber band in place of a condom.
RG couldn't find a rubber so he made a fuckbag with a jewel bag and rubber band so he could be JD's pitcher. In this example, JD is the catcher in a gay relationship.
by castlestars December 14, 2009

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