A bag of fuck.

Or at least a bag that has a majority of fuck combined with a minority of shit, piss or douche (douche is only if the person who says the word is a girl or a gay, depending on location)
Dave: You are a fuckbag!
Larry: I guess...
Steven: OK.

Steven: OK!

(Steven is a retard, you see :)

Steven: OK...
Steven: O...
Larry: Shut up you fuckbag with a minority of douche!

(Larry is not gay, just a Tranny)
by The Keymaster August 01, 2009
"Fuk - Bag" Adjective and expressionary out burst of frustration to the other person annoying you.
listen here you fucking "Fuckbag", get the fuck outa my face. Or
Thanks for your uneducated comment you fuckbag.
by Fuckbagus Interuptus Enjoyus June 02, 2003
Just an insult ! no true meaning but its fun to say.
Your a Fuckbag, Hey fuckbag get over here.
by DRTIE EDO September 12, 2008
A stupid fool, that should be kicked square in the balls. Or the bassist for the punk band "The Miscreance", who should also is a fucker and a fool, who should also be kicked square in the balls.
"you fucking fuckbag, get out of my face."
"hey fuckbag, what the fucks going on you shit!?"
by josh fuckbag November 22, 2005
Vulgar term used to describe condoms.
Hold on a minute Jenny. I've got to purchase the economy pack of fuck bags for the trip to Vegas!
by chewbaccaontherocks June 30, 2011
A cross between a douche bag and a fucking asshole. One who commits such horrible crimes or acts of stupidity that they are not either just a douche bag or a fucking asshole, but a combination of the two.
Sam was a fuckbag for stealing his best friends girlfriend.
by Nurse Nicole April 18, 2011
A bag of the remains of what happens after a fuck.
Nathan: Don't be such a fuckbag.
Amanda: Ew.
by Amandaaaaaah January 11, 2010
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