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someone who is a fucking idiot and probably should be shot
listen up you stupid fuckbag!
by nicole January 08, 2005
319 48
A bag of the remains of what happens after a fuck.
Nathan: Don't be such a fuckbag.
Amanda: Ew.
by Amandaaaaaah January 11, 2010
8 6
a condom, latex glove or other contreceptive used during sex.
"Holy shit Tim you've been screwing that whore Tammy? I hope you used fuck bags atleast or you could have all kinds of diseases now ya dumbass foo"

by PGibza August 20, 2007
7 5
a way of describing how somebody thinks of someone else
she is a fuckbag
by keenforsheen July 30, 2012
1 1
A woman who struggles with emotional attachment and whose only relationships arise from sexual intercourse. Often involved in sex clubs, open lifestyle and swinging.
I thought she was going to be a great girlfriend, turns out she ain't nothin' but a fuck bag!!
by twinflame April 16, 2009
9 9
Fifth grade teachers.
That fuckbag has no business teaching fifth grade writing.
by fuckbag hubby March 22, 2009
4 4
Name of an immoral little piece of shit who I go to school with. Can be found insulting all of ones friends and then refusing to apologise.
Hehe, the fuckbag just found out he isn't going to that concert. Serves him right for being a fuckbag
by Annoyed Friend January 11, 2007
3 3
another word for a condom
i blew a huge load in that fuckbag
by mrfuckbag September 01, 2011
0 1