Supreme awesomeness. To be the coolest thing ever is to be fuckass.
"That is one fuckass new boat you've got there, Allen"
by Nny2 July 29, 2006
that means to fuck an ass
boy did i fuckass last night, she was great...
by lue_driver March 20, 2005
Stephen Palgrave
a fuckass, to be a fuckass one must look like Stephen Palgrave!!!, to do this you must first stop brushing your teeth and then stop washing. Next one must date a fat slug named Stacy the hutt, one must also ride the wave this may also incluse some slapping of the fat ass while haveing sex, FuckAss defined as Stephen Palgrave.
by SpiderFarm! January 16, 2004
Brown smears on your dick after anal sex.
I wiped the fuckass off my dick with your shirt before i stuck it in your wifes mouth.
by Drew Wolverton September 28, 2003
to engage in sexual intercourse in the "anus."
"What do I wish to accomplish," you may ask, "by going clubbing tonight?" Clearly, I wish to create an opportunity for myself to fuckass this evening.
by Fuck-o the Dick-Cunt May 18, 2003
a cheap lazy insult that is soo not insulting.

someone whos gay or likes getting fucked up the ass
god, you fuckass *rolls eyes*
by jayness December 19, 2005
Fuckass simply means "cool" or "awesome".
Dude, that is so fuckass!

Totally dude!
by china chink February 16, 2008

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