A complete failure who makes an ass of themself all the time.
I didn't qualify to be a National Merit Scholar because I'm such a fuckass!
by Jordan Lolo December 11, 2007
a dumb motherfucker who is trying to act cool and is so fucking retarted
that kid is such a god damn fuckass!
by travis November 06, 2003
1. One who completly embodies all the aspects of a complete fucking idiot.

2. A friednly term among friends.

3. Literally, to fuck an ass.
1. God, John Stamos is a complete fuckass.

2. Hey Fuckass, give me a beer. Did you watch Braveheart on A&E yesterday?

3. Hey, I'm gunna go Fuckass.
by John Ox May 02, 2007
the bomb diggitiest of peeps.
i love my fuckass like woah.
by greenly November 04, 2004
The act of acting as a fuck ass. An ass (as in a rude person) that enjoys the pleasure of fornication in the ass hole with a massive male reproductive organ. A person who acts incosiderate to others and is an ignorant bastard.
What the fuck you fucking fuck ass?
"You're such a fuck ass."(Darko, Donie)
Why the fuck do you have to be such an ignorant inconsiderate fuck ass?
by Mackenzie Butler May 25, 2004
annoying spamming troll
$mokey at GameOn is a complete fuckass
by BeanZ February 01, 2005
someone who just does stupid shit and pisses me off
shayon stop being such a fuckass or i'll kick u in the throat.
by arlie September 05, 2004

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