a complete jerk
dude stop being such a fuckass
by louis June 02, 2004
The word fuckass is a term expressed by wej and woody who they think they are sex gods well they are not one is jewish and the other is just plain woody
See Him o please see him it really is a noun
by Pickle February 04, 2004
A very annoying person "FuckAss"!
Stephen Palgrave IS A FUCKASS!!!
by James "Mr X" Smith January 15, 2004
n: A total piece of shit.
You are such a fucking worthless fuckass.
by The guy with the balls November 06, 2003
A really big pain in the ass person. Someone that you'd love to fuck up! but not fuck in the ass, that would be pretty fucked up and gross...
Dude! you're a fuck ass! come here so i can fuck you up!
by foofypoof91 March 15, 2003
an ass who is also a fuckup
you fuckass
by the kofman February 10, 2003
Fuckass means "cool" or "awesome".
Ted: Dude, that is so fuckass!
Bill: Totally dude!
by jamez kwetez February 17, 2008

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