Boondock Saints definition: Bartender has tourette's and yells out FUCKASS! at random times.
"I think you guys should make like a tree FUCKASS and get the hell out of here."
by JZ August 17, 2004
Any other guy, retarded as he may be, that's dickin' yo woman.
yeah man, Sancho's actin' a fuckass again, he best get out of the state if he wants to stay alive
One who makes a fuck and an ass of themselves all in one complete action.
Punching the hood of my car makes you a fuckass.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 10, 2006
a word largely used by the freshman penninnsula boys at SI to talk about someone being hardcore/cool/a dick.
"dude john you fuckass i want my shirt back"

by micheleeeee July 12, 2006
Fucker, Asshole, an annoying person, or just a name you call somebody when to get their attention.
"Tell me something, fuckass, before I pistol whip you!"
by That bo June 29, 2006
1. A combination between an asshole and a fucker
2. Can be an expression used not specifically to insult anyone when something doesn't go your way
3. Can be an insulting name to call someone when they do something you are annoyed with
"God Damn Cutch, stop hitting me with that ball! Your such a fuckass!"
by yellow azn July 01, 2005
a person being a jerk and/or making an ass of themselves. used as an insult.
Man, hes such a fuckass.
by pete February 21, 2005

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