The art of raping then turning the ass into a reddish maroon color.
damn yo, nigga just gave me a fuckass last party and it glows shit red.
by Niggabewhalin' September 08, 2010
Boondock Saints definition: Bartender has tourette's and yells out FUCKASS! at random times.
"I think you guys should make like a tree FUCKASS and get the hell out of here."
by JZ August 17, 2004
1. dumb fucking idiot + ass
2. used kinda like ass wipe, he's just an ass that gets fucked
3. does not mean cool as some people wrote on here
1. "you're such a fuckass"
2. "he's just a fuckass"
3. "dood, you're being a fuckass"
4. "fuck that ass, who needs him anyways...what a fuckass"
by followthenoise May 06, 2008
Fucker, Asshole, an annoying person, or just a name you call somebody when to get their attention.
"Tell me something, fuckass, before I pistol whip you!"
by That bo June 29, 2006
Fuckass means "cool" or "awesome".
Ted: Dude, that is so fuckass!
Bill: Totally dude!
by jamez kwetez February 17, 2008
Any other guy, retarded as he may be, that's dickin' yo woman.
yeah man, Sancho's actin' a fuckass again, he best get out of the state if he wants to stay alive
One who makes a fuck and an ass of themselves all in one complete action.
Punching the hood of my car makes you a fuckass.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 10, 2006
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