used most commonly by 'derro australians' and popularised by rodney rude; fuck ass is used to emphasise and describe something that is small. the phrase 'fuck ass' is usually used in association with the words small, little, tiny etc but can effectively be used on its own in a sentence.
"man what the fuck, i ordered a burger not a fuck ass little dinner roll"

person 1: dude that fall was pretty bad you alright?
person 2: yeah im fine, just got a fuck ass cut on my arm.
by kevin yeah April 15, 2007
Top Definition
An undefined insult used in dinner conversations in the Darko household
"What's a fuckass?" - Samantha Darko
by Anonymous April 05, 2003
Means someone who is arrogant annoying, an asshole just a complete idiot. Used in Donnie Darko.
"you're such a fuck ass!"
"did you just call me a fuck ass?"
"well you can go suck a fuck!"
"oh and how does one suck a fuck?"
"you want me to tell ya?"
"please tell me"

haha sorry got a bit carried away with the donnie darko script. Hah!
by Beca! June 25, 2005
A great insult used by Donnie Darko. At the dinner table with his family directed twords his little sister
Donnie~ Your such a fuckass Elizabeth
Elizabeth~ Did you just call me a fuckass? You can go suck a fuck.
Donnie~ Oh please, tell me Elizabeth, How exactly does one suck a fuck?
by Me December 21, 2004
implying one is a fuck who also happens to be an ass, quite possibly the most rhetorically useful words in the english language.
You are a fuckass.
by Anonymous October 06, 2003
Nick-name of the bartender in Boondock Saints, because it is what he says when having Turrets spasms
"Hey Fuck ass, get me a beer"
"Fuck! Ass!"
by Pete! June 15, 2003
Used in donnie darko, but used by me WAY before then.

A word to describe the uttermost FRUSTRATION with some one.

An exclamatory word used when one is frusterated.
Hey, your a fuck ass. ;0)
A big, self-centered motherfucker, who also happens to be an asshole. When the two words are combined, (due to some complex limits) the included noun "hole" works to cancel out the word "mother" and for some unknown reason, "fucker" becomes "fuck". the result is the word "fuckass" (fuhk-as).

Also, this word may be useful on a tertiary level, in the event that the person of reference is homosexual, or in some way involved in bum-sex, in the sense that it could describe the action of "fucking the/an ass".
That Adam guy was a fuckass huh?

Yeah, pretty much
by John hecklesworth January 11, 2009
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