A conjunction between fuck + macaroni when you are cooking macaroni and cheese. If you fuck it up, it is then fuckaroni or fuckaroni and cheese.

"Damn it. I just got done making this fuckaroni and cheese and now I can't eat it!"
by Brandizzle74 April 01, 2006
Top Definition
Like saying fuck but better. Said in a situation of extreme emotion. Has nothing to do with macaroni.
person 1: heyy i broke ur phone.
person 2: fuckaroni!
by kc wasabi February 08, 2010
Giuiseppe Fuckaroni was an Italian cook born in Naples Italy in the 16TH century.
He was the creator of a popular Italian dish called Fuckaroni and Cheese. The dish was an instant success but it's controversial name was changed to Macaroni and Cheese over the years.
"You don't need to be Italian to love Fuckaroni and Cheese"
by Bert101 February 12, 2012
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