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the nearest shirt or towel used to wipe clean after sex.
Hey sweetie, could you hand me the fuck-towel on your side of the bed. Thanks.
by crazyV January 04, 2006
19 8
Towel put down to catch sex juices and sweat, so as not to mess up the clean bed sheets, the back seat of the car etc.
I just changed the sheets. Better use the fuck towel this time.
by fluffy June 14, 2006
32 4
A fuck towel is a slut which serves much the same purpose as a towel one would ejaculate into. She does this by letting guys use her instead of, or in addition to, a towel in order to ejaculate without making a mess.
"Man I gotta bust a nut its been a long time."
"Just use the fuck towel dude, she's in the other room."
by courtney and aleksey May 03, 2008
12 4
n. a promiscuous female, especially one who has sexual congress with superiors in order to secure advancement in her career.
Kevin Spacey: Dawn here, she used to be quite the little fuck-towel. Film school grad who fucked her way to top assistant. Fucked her way to junior executive and then fucked her way to VP. It was quite a rise.
by gert January 03, 2006
4 9