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1. in lieu of "love struck"

2. describes a state of being -somewhere between love and lust...when you fuck someone and you go ga-ga over them
"I can't stop thinking about him, I'm totally fuck-struck!"

"Did you see Jim? He's totally fuck struck over that brunette chick!"
by one/onlyae March 03, 2009
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A condition a persons brain goes into when a certain person of the opposite sex in in near proximity. Outward signs are glasseyed, drooling and stuttering and making an general ass of ones self.
He was so fuckstruck he didn't see the bus that hit him.
by alaskaman1953 February 11, 2006
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Not head over heels in love, but heels over head in bed. Madly in lust with someone. Unable to think clearly as a direct result of getting laid.
Friend 1: "how does Anne feel about David, I haven't seen her forever"

Friend 2: "well I'm not sure she loves him, but she certainly seems Fuckstruck. I don't think we'll see much of her for a while."
by dc4aml September 09, 2012
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when you really want to fuck someone, but cant
Dude Vicky is so hot, but im fuckstrucked :(
by shiftyshadow April 03, 2015
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