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a quality (or trait) of a person that plays on a person's sexual sences. Lately this trait has been used and exploited extensively to cause viewers (usually male) to "think with their dicks" instead of their brains.
1. believe it or not, I was doing research for a college arts class paper and I was paging thru some old back copies of Rolling Stone magazine. A female journalist described Keith Richards as the "brilliant Rolling Stones guitarist" who sings a tune lead (once in a blue moon) with a "fuck-me-honey" voice. Yeah, that's right.(!)

2. Look at the lousy "diva" stars of the past number of years. Look at the female TV news reporters. Notice how stupid and empty-headed they are. Then look at the hatemonger Ann Coulter and the idiotic Susan Palin. Read the comments and blogs:
MILF, VPILF, GILF, oh WTF, hot for teacher, cougar, "I'd do her!", "I'd hit her!", and all that shit. It seems that if a female has good looks and that fuck-me-honey air to her then she is a STAR, a celebrity, a sensation. No good heart and no brains needed. However, Susan Palin didn't get to be Vice-President this year, did she? RATS!!!!! ; ) People were thinking with their ding dongs but that formula didn't work this time around.
Now who's slamming McCain because her fuck-me-honey aura didn't get her where she wanted. Shut up. Go away. Is this a sign? Could the tide be turning at last? We can hope...

There's a bubble-headed bleach blonde, comes on at five

She can tell ya about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye

It's interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry...


4. At the beginning of one of the Porky's movies there is a neon sign animation where a sow pig lifts up her skirt and a male pig goes gaga on her. What's that spell?

by Rockin' Cold Warrior April 03, 2009
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