The button on your cellphone that sends an incoming call directly to your voicemail.
'He's avoiding me! He's been hitting the fuck you button on me all day'
'This bitch is crazy. She can't take a hint, I've hit the fuck you button on her like 12 times today.'
by E$Money $krillaz August 22, 2009
Top Definition
When one of your friends (who'se not REALLY your friend) calls and you don't want to talk to them. Hit the silence button, sending them to voicemail.
Bob: Hold on, I'm getting a call. Shit, it's Mary. I dumped her like a week ago and she keeps calling me.

Hits the Fuck You Button.
by joshuama88 November 10, 2007
The ignore button on a cell phone. This button is used to say fuck you to the caller because you took the extra time to press the ignore button so that the caller knows you do not wish to talk to them.
caller: Man that shit only rang twice then went right to voicemail, that nigger pressed the fuck you button.
by harlan the cucumber June 28, 2011
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