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No, Fuck you for looking this up in the Urban Dictionary.
You: "Fuck you"
Me: Fuck yourself
by Anusmonster33 April 08, 2010
a communicable symbol of forced submission; verbal rape
"Sorry about your bowl, dude..."
"You broke it?! Fuck you!"
by Bobby Sneed November 26, 2007
an extreamly over used phrase inwhich has caused it to loose its meaning and the true power of the word
its used all the fucking time so fuck you
by b sizzl March 02, 2006
When someone is attempting to dis' you and can't come up with anything, they usually say fuck you. Sometimes people say it cause it's the first thing to pop into they're head, other times, they say it.. hoping it'll hurt the opposite person.
Fuck you, you little cunt.
by LevasseurxJx October 24, 2008
My name on this site.
My name is really Seth Harrison.
by FUCKYOU October 13, 2003