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CKY pwns you motherfuCKYers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Elgeoharris December 16, 2003
A good greeting and a good way to get to know people.
Person 1: Hello.
Person 2: Fuck you!
Person 1: Well met.
by DicSicKidzAf August 19, 2011
Fuck You is a really harsh term people say to one another when they're extremely pistoff
Guy: What? I can't get the colesla? FUCK YOU!
by The Person who ate colesla September 10, 2012
Definition 1: An expression said from someone to somebody out of angerness.
Definition 2: A term to tell somebody that you want to have sex with them.
Definition 1 Example: Fuck you harry ass hole bitch, you crooked slut that gets fucked!
ExaDefinition 2 Example: I just wanna fuck you.
by FlyAway July 19, 2011
A term used to make somebody stop annoying you. Used Especially when the person you talk to is an asshole.
John: Hey bro' you know i saw your sister the other day... She is so hot!
Roger: Fuck you!
by N.A. July 31, 2005
Meaning, "I dislike you strongly," in intelligent language. Used in these situations, not in particular order.

1. Heated argument
2. Child sticking their tongue out (means "fuck you" in toddler")
3. Used when friends embarrass you and you have nothing to say against it
4. When your iPod, computer, or other device freezes up unexpectedly.
You: AWWW, what an adorable little dimpled child you have!! (Condescendingly)

Baby: -Sticks out tongue- Fuck You!!

You: Smartass...
by the_realistic_numbers112 July 06, 2011
if you don't like CKY - you're french
by The Alliance May 29, 2003