A way of showing anger towards another person, it is a very common unoriginal way of insulting a person used mainly by uncreative teens and people that just can't come up with their own ideas.
Kid 1: You hacker!
Kid 2: Fuck you!
by Ryouu November 25, 2012
Often pejorative, occasionally congratulatory.
Common: "You just ran over my cat! Fuck you!"

Rare: "Fuck you, that's a very funny t-shirt."
by jaylizzle March 20, 2007
Meaning, "I dislike you strongly," in intelligent language. Used in these situations, not in particular order.

1. Heated argument
2. Child sticking their tongue out (means "fuck you" in toddler")
3. Used when friends embarrass you and you have nothing to say against it
4. When your iPod, computer, or other device freezes up unexpectedly.
You: AWWW, what an adorable little dimpled child you have!! (Condescendingly)

Baby: -Sticks out tongue- Fuck You!!

You: Smartass...
by the_realistic_numbers112 July 06, 2011
a song by the legendary band death corpse.
Person 1: have you listened to fuck you yet
Person 2: oh yeah its mad as
by dc fan December 14, 2008
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