Used to describe anger.
Fuck You Urban Dictionary for never posting any of my words!
by csbyrd October 11, 2009
why the FUCK would you need to look up what "fuck you" means? are you fucking retarded?
are you fucking kidding me? looking up "fuck you?" get the fuck out before i turn off the internet.
by CH4RL3S D4RW1N January 02, 2010
The only phrase where you can offer and offend somebody.
I would like to fuck you.--offer
I would like to fuck you and your mama.-- offend
by rans October 19, 2004
expressing hatred towards someone or something
dude 1: sorry dude i broke your psp
dude 2: FUCK YOU!!!

dude 1: i slept with your girlfriend last night
dude 2: FUCK YOU!!!
by Fitzblitz October 14, 2006
Appropriate response when one friend is wronged by another who stepped out of line. “I disapprove of your recent actions. They seem to be completely out of character for you. If I believed you were that kind of person, I would have never become your friend in the first place. If you wish to continue our friendship, I demand that you immediately discontinue your unwelcome behavior and respect my boundaries as you have in the past. Please snap out of it. If you persist, I will have to stand against you to limit the damage you do in the future. I tell you this because I believe you might respond to constructive criticism. Otherwise, I would not be speaking with you at all. I hope we can get back to the way things were. The choice is yours.”
When Guy X is caught flirting with his best friend Y's date, Y responds, "Hey, fuck you, buddy. That's not cool."
by RepublicanDude March 17, 2004
A means of communicating with your ex, without involving the solicitors.
Her: "I want the house, car and kids"
Him: "Fuck you"
by CoooooooEeeeeeee Duckie November 06, 2008
Short for go fuck yourself, can be taken heavily or lightly.

" you suck,"
"no, fuck you"

when people then say "i bet you would" they are stupid idiots because that makes no sense...
by Ahkmed Gazael February 26, 2008

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