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To destroy your life and have your parents hating you...
Fuckup-Andy Sharp
by Cupcake ninja April 03, 2011
7 7
Andrea Snider.
A pathetic creature drowning in self pity and strange emotions.
You are a fuck up.
//dramatic gasp
What a horrible insult.
by Ass nugget June 26, 2014
0 1
a person who fucked up
andrew fucked up
by Fargon Conmbleoy March 09, 2003
35 37
An adjective describing anyone who messes up a lot or has messed up badly.
1. Garrett was a great boyfriend but he was a fuckup when it came to being a player, so I denied him of being his girlfriend for long.

2. Jami, I would have considered you a good "player" but you are such a fuckup when it comes to guys!

3. What a fuckup! He just tripped over a crayon!
by K.M.A November 01, 2004
10 15
Simon. The fuck up.He sucks.
wow, Simon is the biggest fuck up ever.
by youger February 22, 2008
9 15
parts of philly, specifically Kensington, Frankfurt, Ollony, and neighboring parts of the city use it as a shortened way to say "shut the fuck up"
guy 1: hey man, I saw your mom working her corner last night

guy2 throws a punch at guy 1 knocking him to the ground

guy2: fuck up bitch.
by Kauffman April 10, 2005
17 24
short for "shut the fuck up"
Danny was annoying me in Chemistry class so I said, "FUCK UP!"
by krazyklown October 13, 2003
51 58