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To destroy your life and have your parents hating you...
Fuckup-Andy Sharp
by Cupcake ninja April 03, 2011
Andrea Snider.
A pathetic creature drowning in self pity and strange emotions.
You are a fuck up.
//dramatic gasp
What a horrible insult.
by Ass nugget June 26, 2014
a person who fucked up
andrew fucked up
by Fargon Conmbleoy March 09, 2003
An adjective describing anyone who messes up a lot or has messed up badly.
1. Garrett was a great boyfriend but he was a fuckup when it came to being a player, so I denied him of being his girlfriend for long.

2. Jami, I would have considered you a good "player" but you are such a fuckup when it comes to guys!

3. What a fuckup! He just tripped over a crayon!
by K.M.A November 01, 2004
Simon. The fuck up.He sucks.
wow, Simon is the biggest fuck up ever.
by youger February 22, 2008
parts of philly, specifically Kensington, Frankfurt, Ollony, and neighboring parts of the city use it as a shortened way to say "shut the fuck up"
guy 1: hey man, I saw your mom working her corner last night

guy2 throws a punch at guy 1 knocking him to the ground

guy2: fuck up bitch.
by Kauffman April 10, 2005
short for "shut the fuck up"
Danny was annoying me in Chemistry class so I said, "FUCK UP!"
by krazyklown October 13, 2003