someone who hates themselves because they fucked up, and then fucks up more because they hate themselves for fucking up. The semi-fuck-up can be cured, but for a full on case, there is little hope.
John walked to his friend's house, and on the way, he realized he forgot to bring his buddy's xbox controller to give back. John realized he'd fucked up. Then, John got mad at himself for fucking up the xbox situation. He then proceded to be a douche to everyone he saw for the whole rest of the day, just because he forgot the controller. Then, he got pissed at himself for being a douche, and did lots of drugs. John was a fuck-up. He just couldn't stop fucking up.
by Bananabuffalo June 21, 2013
A shorter version to telling someone to shut up or shut the fuck up.
Guy 1: Bro my parents got me a new car for Christmas!

Guy 2: fuck up Bryan.
by Yungsavage April 27, 2016
Another way to tell a person to shut up.
Tim: Did you see Angies science project?
Daquan: naah b, fuck up with that shit.
by YooAiz March 24, 2016
A person who lacks common sense and will do anything for anyone to get attention.
Boy #1 : Yo did you see Sean barf on Jessica?!

Boy#2: yeah he's such a Fuck Up
by Rrvvbb May 10, 2015
-another word then messing up
-cannot be used sexually way as in making out,kissing, having sex, basically nothing sexual
- screwing up or making a mistake
Marie: Darlene! YOU CANNOT FUCK UP!
Darlene: I will not fuck up, because ill make it perfect with no flaws.
by Jaden Flavis July 11, 2011
Andrea Snider.
A pathetic creature drowning in self pity and strange emotions.
You are a fuck up.
//dramatic gasp
What a horrible insult.
by Ass nugget June 26, 2014
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