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The van or vehicle in which any pornographic website picks up chicks off the streets to do them an catch it on tape for the viewers.
Joe: "Dude did you see the last update of www.collegefucktour.com?"
Dan: "No, why?"
Joe: "They got a real sweety in the fuck truck this time!"
Dan: "Put your dick back in your pants when you talk to me!!! Sick s.o.b!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
Older model van with no seats in the rear, just a bunch of shag carpet, lots of pillows and maybe a mattress, all for the fucking.
Everytime I hear Sammy Johns song "Chevy Van" it makes me miss my fuck truck and wish I hadn't sold it years ago.
by -Connie August 01, 2003
A van, or mini-van, preferably with a bed in it, and no side windows, a motel room on wheels. A place to take a person you just met in a bar to have some privacy, either for sex or a dope deal.
I call my van a fucktruck, because it's like having a motel room with me whereever I go.
by shomesomethin July 13, 2010
Another name for a group of lesbians having a "circle" party while in a van.
" I saw the football team's cheerleaders haveing a fuck truck in the parking lot!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
An extremely attractive girl, exuding sexuality, that any guy would do nearly anything to bone. A girl so hot that she stops traffic.
"That girl is a total fuck truck. She's 18 Wheels of Fuckin Fury! I'd crawl across the Mekong Delta just to hear her fart in a field phone!"
by Bearsnatch McSwizzlepenis February 20, 2009
The bus that travels between Harvard University, departing Harvard Square, and Wellesley College. Especially popular on weekend evenings.
Babe, I missed the last fucking fucktruck, I guess we'll have to get down in your room tonight?
by Good Will Hunting November 11, 2011
A lot; large amount. Often used in a negative way, but can be used positively also
That's a fucktruck of money that guy has.

She's had a fucktruck of guys, stay away from her.

I'd love a fucktruck of cake right now.
by Magnitude10 March 11, 2011