This might be misguiding, but the expression doesn't mean you actually want to fuck-that. Just be patient and it's gonna be clear in a moment....
Just imagine someone answering ''fuck that'' to some question you had or some request you made. Hmmm.. it's sounds coarse at first, maybe even confusing or shoking, but when you actually look into that expression, you'll see that ''fuck that'' is positive, careless and provocative fixing of boundary. It soon becomes a kind of careless-categorical NO or some kind of vulgar, yet affirmative performance of indifference. What you say ''fuck that'' to, is just one of the many instances of meaningless things you're totally over with.
-Let's go now!
-No, let's stay.
-Come on, let's go, now!
-Let's just stay for a moment and then we'll leave.
-Fuck that, I'm leaving!
by octogonalement February 19, 2010
if you dont want to do something because no1 else is
walking up mamas kitchen stairs and get to the top. look around and your mates are not there and you shout "FUCK THAT" and walk back down
by Bully99999 February 05, 2009
What you say when you want a single, according to my niggas Korn
Yall wanna single say Fuck that (Fuck that) Fuck that, Fuck that (Fuck that)
by Skyler Deer Bitch! August 14, 2004
the new hell yeah
Lebron James throws down a nasty jam at the slam dunk competition. man watching, "Fuck That!"
by alex mak February 02, 2009
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