The state of mind in which a person worries so much about whether a member of the opposite likes/loves them, that the simplest of tasks become too difficult to perform.
Friend: What the hell is your problem, Jill?!?! You just put your cat in the microwave and put those frozen burritos outside!!!!!

Jill: No fucking way, I'm such an idiot! I've just been wondering why Chuck hasn't called me. Does he really like me or is he trying to get into my pants?

Friend: Damn, you got a bad Fuckstorm rollin' through your head. Um, are you going to let your pussy out of the microwave?
by SCOOTER January 20, 2013
n. a whole lot of something; a plethora or large amount; a myriad.
I have a fuckstorm of homework tonight!

Melanie has a fuckstorm of comebacks!

Jeremy has had a fuckstorm of sexual partners!

There is a fuckstorm of beggars in the street!
by Jeremy Crowe January 09, 2007
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