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A large blunt instrument, typically a cosh or police baton used to enforce authority over another person.
"If you don't back down i'll smash your noggin in with my fuckstick!"
by Rowley May 16, 2003
Beena is a Fuckstick :P
by Anonymous April 05, 2003
His Long Thick Fuckstick, strectched her wider than it had ever been before.
by Bill November 28, 2002
Another name for a dildo or penis,
girl 1: Do you have a fuck stick?
girl 2: I have two
by MusicLover14 April 04, 2010
a fuckstick is your dick or you can call a person a fuckstick if they look like a dick, or they are a dick.
Steve Morlock is a fuckstick.
My fuckstick is very large!
by Paul Wojcik November 21, 2007
The person, of which, you are having intercourse with. No emotional attachments.
My fuckstick is coming over for a late night booty call.
by DPH June 27, 2007