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A stubborn individual who excels in aggravating others with negative comments of poor quality.
My assistant manager is a FUCKSTICK because he constantly uses "Your Mother" as retort.
by Tommy December 09, 2003
a penis.
why don't you suck on the snotty end of my fuckstick?
by billyidol June 30, 2003
No definition required. We all know at least one.
A Fuckstick is someone who talks loudly, patronisingly, rudely, selfishly, childishly, arrogantly
by The Worm Ann June 07, 2013
Fucksticks are traditionally home-schooled. They try hard to set themselves apart at a young age by wearing dark fingernail polish, Mohawks, chains to hold keys to their inevitably douchey automobile, and other gothic-like fashions. As they grow into their teens they traditionally lack social skills, and tend to be reclusive. For this reason, they tend to skip the traditional college experience - derived from their underdeveloped social skills - and study academia that will land them a career that requires minimal social interaction. Also, due to a major lack of self-esteem they marry at a very young age. Partly because they don't think they can do any better than the first person that expresses interest, but moreover because they're disinterested in partaking in any post-collegiate social activities and are ready to "settle down" and be homebodies. Fucksticks can vary by age but fuckstickness is predominant in younger males in their 20s and 30s. Fuckstickness slowly decreases with age, especially when treated with therapy from the fuckstick's surroundings, typically family or co-workers.
"Hey, stupid fuckstick, you can't even kick a kickball. What a stupid fuckstick. Fuckstick!!!"
by ridersOfTheStorm August 16, 2011
lamest,most worthless,wasted,excuse of a man
Az Tat2 guru, OFW crew aka SOWER M.L.M jr is a total n complete fuckstick.... "I only cheated once baby i swear to you" this is a fuckstick ladies n gents
by kbug January 28, 2011
1. A fucking idiot or moron. (syn. fucktard)

2. Someone whose actions, opinions, and beliefs are so fucking stupid you just want to say "fuuuck!" and hit them with a shovel.

3. A person, who as a minor functionary, is just functional enough to throw sand in the gears of civilization. One step up from retard, retarded, exceptional, special, etc.
You'll find fucksticks in positions that they cannot be fired from; usually in low-level government positions or in dying industries with strong unions; for example your local school district administrators, city council members, Child Protective Services caseworkers, or political party hacks. They might also be sons of privilege, and cause damage at higher levels, such as judges, corporate executives or Republican politicians. They are plentiful in Hollywood, where actors and musicians are rarely educated beyond high school but gas on about the envronment, politics and the like. They invariably listen to talk radio (conservatives) or hippie/new age/astrology/alternative claptrap (lefties). Both freely spew forth opinions they've gleaned from whatever internet conspiracy theorists they favor, boring and embarrassing those around them.
by The Mocker July 15, 2009
a stick that fucks a fucker
dude you totally got fucksticked
by Chaz M April 02, 2008