A real dufus, someone who doesn't have his/her act together, whether disorganization, bad vibe, unreliable, lazy, liar, etc.
Geez, you fuckstick! You were supposed to be here three days ago! I can't rely on you for shit!
by waterhead September 22, 2007
Someone from Fuckstickistan.
How's the weather in Fuckstickistan, you stupid Fuckstick?
A person who doesn't have a fucken clue
You're a fuckstick. The fucken fuckstick really fucked up this time.

by Allllllllll April 15, 2007
The member hanging between a males thighs
A real stupid ass
Dude your a fuckstick
by horhey September 02, 2006
The male penis. Similar to a stick in shape, that is used to fuck with.
A fuckstick, is what resides in Elton John's mouth.
by Kenny S. April 08, 2006
A person who thinks that they are the shit, however they are really the brunt of many others jokes and never realize when they're being made fun of.
Tom:Hey guys, I'll catch up later, I have to go and pump some iron. Bill:What a bitch. He only weighs 150 poundsl Dave: yeah, Tom is a fuckstick
by Jake Pimpin C March 09, 2005
A skinny girl who really likes sex (Nympho)
favorite freak!
by peanut February 23, 2005

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