Usually, a younger man used by a woman for sex.
Every woman needs a fuck-stick she can call on anytime to handle it.
by monica v May 06, 2010
a person that is such a dick that he/ she can't be equally applied to that term
God damn, billy is such a fuckstick, why does he have to be an asshole all the time
by Mach5170 September 25, 2009
Any long and skinny object used for anal or vaginal penetration.
Gage won't be able to leave his room anytime soon, seeing as he bought a new fuckstick! He sure loves anal penetration!
by Obama is a terrorist June 05, 2009
A Washington D.C. black slang word for a nymphomaniac: A female who has, for no payment whatsoever, permitted and encouraged Many-Many different penises to enter her vaginal cavity, for the express purpose of vaginally massaging each penis to the point of orgasm, i.e. ejaculation within her vaginal walls.
Joyce is a real Fuck-Stick because she fucked the entire black contingent of the Adelphi University basketball team.
by Well Said Fred July 10, 2008
A dumb-ass who tries to fuck is his own brother on a mortgage is a fuckstick.
Brother "A" tries to fuck brother "B" by charging an exorbitant rate and excessive fees on brother "B's" "GFE", thereby becoming a "FUCKSTICK"! Only to be beaten out by some unknown person at some unknown bank.

This unknown new friend saved brother "B" over $3,300 in prepaids and closing costs. And over $189.00 per month in payment! Or $68,000 over the life of the note!

Which makes brother "A", just an A. See also "Asshole".
by spofs May 19, 2007
A stubborn individual who excels in aggravating others with negative comments of poor quality.
My assistant manager is a FUCKSTICK because he constantly uses "Your Mother" as retort.
by Tommy December 09, 2003
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