one who has all the qualities of a dumbass and will defend his convictions, even when proven wrong by others
JC, you are a fuckstick and a shrimp fucker.
by Trevor April 01, 2004
A curse word to use when fuck just isn't enough.

If you've lost something usually fucksticks is the word of choice.
"oh fucksticks I've lost my keys"

"fucksticks!! where's that fucking money!"
by Johnypnumonic August 25, 2011
Another word for penis - typically used in a threatening manner.
"So what did you do then?"

"I told him if he didn't shut up that I would break my fuck stick off in his word hole!"
by frostboy74 September 15, 2009
A homemade dildo, usually made from wood or metal and has many ridges.

The whore loves the fuckstick i made her in art class last week.
by yigglesquirt March 24, 2008
a person who knowingly or unknowingly tries (or does)to screw up a situation or creates a meltdown causing grief for himself and others around him.
John,that fuckstick,never put the money in my account,causing my check to the courthouse to bounce.

You crashed my car?You're a real fuckstick!
by dave the conehead February 26, 2008
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