1)A dildo

2)A person that is a dick head or shit stain. One that should sit on a broom naked in the corner.

See Shit Stain
Tim looks like a dick. He is nothing but a "fuck stick". Ha ha ha, very funny joke Tim. Oh boy you are a regular Arnold Brounsfiger. Shut the fuck up you fucking "fuck stick". Go do deep knee bends in cucumber patch. Fuck Stick.
by JLOH December 16, 2004
male reproductive organ
all men have a Penis unless they r fags and get them cut off to become a female
by RTJ August 21, 2004
A dildo. Also see FUCKLOG
iShe rammed the fuckstick deep into her wet folds.

by D. Beggar November 28, 2003
Dumbass with a big dick.
Chris is a fuck stick.
by cl June 26, 2003
a dick or dicks or people who act like dicks
he is a fuckstickor she sucks my fuckstick
by corey July 23, 2003
Clients that want you to develop databases for systems that absolutely suck.
Those fucksticks want me to develop a database for a system that absolutely sucks.
by Basileus [it's Sabre's word] September 03, 2003
Cryptic code, for an order of phallic shaped breadsticks popularized at a pizza joint i once worked at.
"Andy...Two orders of fucksticks with sauce to go please!"
by fuckface gimp September 06, 2006

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