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Slang term for an erect penis
by Biff Monroe March 31, 2003
7 21
1)A dildo

2)A person that is a dick head or shit stain. One that should sit on a broom naked in the corner.

See Shit Stain
Tim looks like a dick. He is nothing but a "fuck stick". Ha ha ha, very funny joke Tim. Oh boy you are a regular Arnold Brounsfiger. Shut the fuck up you fucking "fuck stick". Go do deep knee bends in cucumber patch. Fuck Stick.
by JLOH December 16, 2004
9 24
male reproductive organ
all men have a Penis unless they r fags and get them cut off to become a female
by RTJ August 21, 2004
3 20
A dildo. Also see FUCKLOG
iShe rammed the fuckstick deep into her wet folds.

by D. Beggar November 28, 2003
3 20
Dumbass with a big dick.
Chris is a fuck stick.
by cl June 26, 2003
6 26
a dick or dicks or people who act like dicks
he is a fuckstickor she sucks my fuckstick
by corey July 23, 2003
25 51
Clients that want you to develop databases for systems that absolutely suck.
Those fucksticks want me to develop a database for a system that absolutely sucks.
by Basileus [it's Sabre's word] September 03, 2003
40 70