an idiot;imbecile, proper context is used in frustration of idiocy
Why would you do that Twisty, your such a fuckstick!
by spooge September 06, 2003
engineer sitting next to me
Ross M is a fuckstick who does no work
by Roberto July 03, 2003
Used in the movie "Shawshank Redemption" and probably fag-prison-gaurd code for a honking huge wank. But it was funny.
I'm going to put my fuckstick in your eyeball, you conceited bitch.
by _ June 03, 2003
A large blunt instrument, typically a cosh or police baton used to enforce authority over another person.
"If you don't back down i'll smash your noggin in with my fuckstick!"
by Rowley May 16, 2003
Literal: A dildo or vibrator

Slang: A foolish person, someone easily used by another to suit their own purposes, excessively gullible; a dullard or dimwit.
I can't believe you paid sticker price for that car, you fuckstick.
by Mark Jurado May 01, 2003
Beena is a Fuckstick :P
by Anonymous April 05, 2003
you fuckin fuckstick
by osgood January 30, 2003

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