The stick used for sexual encounters.
Insert your fuck stick here.

You fuck stick.
by S_I_N March 02, 2008
1. An exlamatory obscenity; 2. An insult.
1. Fucksticks! I forgot to get my change from that hooker!

2. That guy just cut me off! What a fuckstick!
by Sir Loin du Boeuf July 24, 2003
1. Slang term for the male sexual organ, or penis

2. Generic insult, most commonly used as a witty retort.

Should NOT be confused with the sexual practise "fukastik"
1. Dude, stop groping my fuckstick.

2. "You seem to be emitting the distinct but not unpleasant odour of wee." "Shut it, fuckstick."
by Plant February 09, 2004
Defining a person who is totally worthless, annoying and needs to be punched in the throat.
annoying coworker or person that takes no responsibility for their actions, when they do something stupid, you say "what did the fuck stick do now?"
by Edward the One March 19, 2008
1. Another word for moron, dickhead etc. Used to describe someone who is generally clueless.

2. In Australia, a police officer's baton/truncheon/nightstick. Fairly self-explanatory, but just in case you fit the description of (1), a large stick which, when wielded by a police officer, fucks the recipient up.
1. If you want to let someone know you think they're a fuckstick, you can say "How's the weather in Fuckstickistan?"

2. When the cop pulled out his fuckstick, we ran like buggery.
by Choda Boy 57 February 25, 2007
1. A word used to express total annoyance

2. A word used to describe those who have caused you total annoyance.

3. A group of teenage idiots that hang around shopping centres, swearing, spitting and acting hyper.
1. " My internet connection has gone again! FUCKSTICKS!!"

2. "My energy company sent me an estimated bill for about 5 times more than is humanly possible to consume. Fucksticks!"

3. Tina decided to use the south entrance to the mall, owing to the high concentration of fucksticks spitting and leaping about outside the north entrance.
by MagickDio April 24, 2010
a person who is useless to others and has no purpose in life.They usally sham thier way and. lie to achieve thier goals. They will usally try to get you to fell sorry for them by pretending to be hurt mentally and physically .
crotch rocket
without common sense
Stan:Man Do You know Staff Sergant Morris ?
Rick: Yeah I know that fuck stick.
by Delvechio Coburn April 04, 2008

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