The child who is born after the mother impregnates herself using the semen lying on the bedspread after, the father pulls out.
Yo that Mike guy from UConn is a real fuck stain, his dad doesn't even love his stupid, fuck stain ass.
by TBT 21 June 07, 2009
'the aftermath of your parents making you'
james is such a fuck stain
by bettyboo May 04, 2008
When you get done fucking a girl in the ass, and you wipe off your dick on something (like the sheets of her bed)
After I got done going 2-hole on Patty, I left her a fuckstain as a reminder of our night.
by Sexy Sixth February 16, 2009
verb;-the stain left once you have wiped your dick on the sheets (or curtains)after sex
noun;-1,someone that should have been wiped off before their conception(a mistake/unwanted).2,any miserable idiot who seems content doing nothing but causing irritation.3,any person that believes they have the right to sit on there arse and bludge off the government.
that window washer at the lights is just another fuckstain to dull my day
by mrlei November 07, 2006
see wordcunt stainword
by Penumbra January 07, 2003
What my wife left on the bed after ferbing on me and because she has a cow cunt
hey bitch clean up that fuck stain i ain't sleeping on that
by know the toe September 19, 2003
The common word used in the game Counter Strike Global Offensive is used towards a random player who has "Fucked up"and lost you the round.
"Hey Fuckstain you lost us the round"
by BlackBOIAdam January 20, 2015

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