Noun: The residue which remains on a surface after sexual intercourse on an object.
Dude check out the fuckstain on Wolski's cat!
by Richy Jackson March 22, 2003
the mark left in your bed after sex, or nick name for someone whos stupid
Man i got out of bed this morning and there was a huge fuck-stain on the sheets
John your a fuck-stain shut up.
by Zipppy July 12, 2006
The stains which occur after a period of fucking. Refer to shitstains for addition information.
Holy fuckstains batman!

I'll never get these fuckstains out of my carpet!
by Kirk May 29, 2003
A sploch left on a surface where sexual relations has been performed.
1)After they were done making whoopi, they noticed that there was a huge fuck-stain left on the table.

2)Eric is a fuck-stain.
by B Horton February 15, 2004
An insult, normally directed at some fuckhead who decideds that instead of having a good time at the party your at with your girl, hes going to come inbetween you 2 and completely fuck things up, drastically reducing the chance of getting your dick wet.
Dayne is a fuck stain.
by Dawcta Jake June 18, 2008
what i call my friends cause their all supposed to be left as the stain in those fucked up underwear
yo fuck stain get me a drink
by meatwad1245 July 19, 2010
A female who sleeps with a married man or some one else's man. Typically called a homewrecker, the other women. Fuck stains are very commonly used to describe a mistress, or someone who sleeps with married men, or any other type of man that is not hers. They are the lowest of the lowest twats out there.
Mary is a fuck stain for sleeping with all those married men.

Look at the fuck stain hitting on the married men.
You're nothing more than a fuck stain Mary.
by Amethyst crystal October 04, 2009

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