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A female whos too dumb to go anywhere in life, and only purpose is to serve the cock and produce children.
that blonde bitch is a fuckrat, shes got less of an idea of whats going on in life then that spanish kid in english class.
by matt R October 20, 2004
An annoying rodent or small furry animal.
That fuckrat stole my sandwich
by Stuffman February 23, 2005
A retarded piece of shit who only gets to fuck retarded alien fatass sluts that turn out to be a man. Fuckrats are usually lazy piles of lard that sit on a fucking couch all day jacking off to Oprah and Dora while drinking Capri-Sun by the motherfucking gallon. Fuckrats have small dicks the size of a penny and have to use tweezers to stick their dick in a pussy or asshole.
Person 1: woow look at that fat shit over there...

Person 2: what a fuckrat.
by Sf_LaxandFootball December 18, 2011
A person who rats on someone else for having sex to their exboyfriend or exgirlfriend, when in reality it shouldn't matter.
- "Someone at your party told my ex that you and I hooked up when we were drunk last night. He completely flipped out on me this morning."

- "You guys aren't together. It shouldn't matter. But whoever said it is a fuckrat."
by PittPantherGirl21 May 26, 2010
Snarled hair resulting from sex. Sort of like "bed head", only more fun.
"She came of the bedroom with the worst case of fuckrats EVER!
by Kurogawa August 11, 2009
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