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Someone who will fuck anything, anywhere, anytime.
While advising mates in the pub etc...
"Stay away from Sue she's a complete fuck pig."
by Bex May 05, 2004
a sex object - an indiviudal on whom intense sexual energy is focussed.
"i want to marry her and make her my fuckpig."
by thomas stearns August 06, 2003
A young trashy, overweight, short, girl who compensates for her lack of beauty by being promiscuous.
"Did you find anyone good at the party last night?"

"No I settled for that little fuckpig Amy"
by Maestro33 March 16, 2009
it can also be a term of endearment in the uk
oi pass us the salt fuck pig
by shite hawk October 04, 2007
A girl that is only good for sex, usually overweight. A fat or 'rubinesque' booty call. Similar to a 'moped' but more specific.
"Man, look at her scarf that burger. I bet she could eat a mean cock, she'd make a perfect Fuckpig."

"I was going over to Hillary's but she bailed. Instead I called my Fuckpig and she's coming over to pick me up."
by Rick010203040506 December 15, 2008
An extremely promiscuous woman, ordinarily lacking in attractiveness.
Henry was so depressed by his breakup, that he spent the night with some "fuck pig".
by Johny Casino December 19, 2009
Fuck pig is an insult used in the UK
Look at that stupid fuck pig
by Jay Austin September 12, 2007
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