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To have a rough, unkempt look.
When I fly, I don't care how I look, I'm just like fuck pie.
by Alex Stockwell August 19, 2006
It could be an insult, it could be an expression to express anger. Who knows?
"You stupid fuckpie"

by Melodyyyyy July 09, 2005
slang for calling someone a dork, idiot, annoying, loser.
That little fuck pie cock-blocked me.
by OBill February 21, 2004
1.A lesbian booty call that is not from a prostitute.
2.The woman who is called to perform it.
"There's no tallent tonight and i'm randy as a a mother fucker. I'll just call my fuckpie"
by demona_bomb October 29, 2006
When two people engage in sexual intercourse and they place a graham cracker pie crust underneath them to catch the juices that drip down. It is then baked at 350 degrees in the oven and can thereafter be enjoyed.
Andrew and Alice had some intense lovin then enjoyed a nice fuck pie for desert.
by Oh you November 15, 2007
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