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a even numbered group of people. equal number of boys and girls. boys and girls get in two lines. then they have sex with the person of the opposite gender that is across from them. after a set amount of time, one line moves in a different direction. then they proceed to have sex with that new person. this is repeated until everyone has had sex with each person in the opposite line. then the girls all choose one boy each and give them blow jobs, then the boys pick one girl each and finger them
"god i am in the mood for sex!"
"let's have a fuck party then!"
"sweet. we gotta invite all the hot girls"
"ya were definitely gonna get some there."
by Hairy Potty March 24, 2009
An intense and drawn out struggle (which under normal circumstances would not be necessary) to make something work properly.
Dan said, “You guys should come over closer to eight o’clock. I’m having a fuckparty with the grill.”
by Johnny Dan May 02, 2007