the only word in the English dictionary that means fuck off,
for example if someone ask you to go camping fuck off would mean, no i won't be joining you, i thank you so much for the invitation but i check my agenda and unfortunately im unavailable, you know fuck off!
by kanadienphatboy April 28, 2008
When a guy is repeatedly turned down by a girl- whether it be turned down for hand holding, making out or banging- and continues to try to get it in. Listen dude- ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Face it, you messed up big time and because of that she's just not that into all. So get it together, stop crying at bars annnnd don't show up on her doorstep weeping about what a pathetic little bitch you are. You fucked up and now you are being instructed to fuck off.
Guy: Come on, you know we're great together.

Girl: *laughs* eww guy, fuck off!
by DontBePathetic June 24, 2014
To react in disbelief.

Also used in a congradulatory manner.

People are using Fuck Off as a "pat on the Shoulder" Term!

Awwwww Man.. I rode a wheelie on bike for 100 yards today.
Fuck Off!!!! Really?
Hey MAn.. Aint that some Killer Weed I scored!!!!!!!!
yeahhh man!! Fuck Off!!
by AcrobactJackOff October 25, 2009
Used as an adjective to describe something that is either
- big
- ridiculous
- a little bit over the top
- owned by a douche
1- So this prick pulled up next to me at the lights, in his big fuck off car, and I just knew he was going to put his foot down and try to cut me off.

2 - Man, my friend's parents have so much money - no seriously they live in the biggest fuck off house, and drive around in their fuck off range rovers and just fuck everyone off.
by Gertie02 April 14, 2011
when someone says something to you and you are in disbelive.

DUDE #1: yo did you know that paul is fucking that hot bitch that works at the law office.

DUDE #2- fuck off?
by paul badmanabadman February 26, 2008
you're gonna thumb this down? Well FUCK OFF!
by rek-cram November 07, 2011

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