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Someon who is acting stupid or standing out just go get attention.
Retard: hey guys you wanna see my pokemon cards
Me: shut up no one cares you fuck nugget.
by greggyghettocooch January 22, 2008
12 23
General insult, sounds funny but means nothing.
Shut up you Fuck Nugget!
by FriendlyNeighbourhoodVigilante October 15, 2013
2 0
fucknuggets is a word you use to give a quantity. In short, fucknuggets is a lot. Like..A LOT. An ungodly amount that cannot ever truly be defined.
Athena: I am sicker than fucknuggets!
James: Are you sure of these accusations? Fucknuggets is not a subject to be trifled with!
Athena: Yes. My throat is almost shut and no amount of fucknuggets shall open it.
James: Sad day. Very, very sad day.
by Athena.M.Tonks November 10, 2011
2 1
a phrase used when something bad happens or you realized something bad has happened
Ex: Aww fuck-nuggets, I got a F on my test

Ex2: Fuck-nuggets. thats the cops behind me
by Lynden P. January 13, 2009
2 1
a moronic, obnoxious jerk, (male or female) who is not worthy enough of being a full fuck-tard, yet still is a stupid fuck. just as half-pint is only half of a pint, a fucknugget is only partially human.; also, anyone who is only worth a nugget of your time.
"wow john, he's not even a full fledged asshole, t-bone's only a fuck nugget"
by Scaith November 14, 2007
30 29
used as an insult which refers to the person as a 'nugget who likes to fuck'
shut up fucknugget!!!!!!!!!!
by sirbobsexybeastthethird February 27, 2014
0 0
a person who has neither legs or arms and is used purely for sexual gratification, the person usually resembles a small nugget with a head
hey dave heard you made it last night with that disabled chick.
yeah man that fucknugget was an animal
by fucknugget4life May 03, 2011
13 13
fuck nugget--small piece of fuck.
Derives from the saying 'what the fuck'?!,which was shortened.hence the nugget.
such as-- When you playing Mario and your Yoshi runs full speed into a hole,you would then say 'O FUCK NUGGET!'

When someone tells you something alarming,you would then say 'WHAT THE FUCK NUGGET??'
by graceh85 September 09, 2011
2 4