a monkey who fucks another monkey
AHHHH, that monkey is fucking a monkey, what a fuckmonkey!!!
by Zack August 20, 2003
Top Definition
A girl who looks like she'll fulfill every sordid whim.
Used as a very simple scale:
Fuck Monkey or Sex Pixie.
Fuck Monkey: Usually in their late teens or early twenties, F.A.B. (firm and bendy).
Sex Pixie: As above, but not as obvious in their intent.
Oi! lads check out the fuck monkey at the bar. I bet she'll go around the world.
by Dom Drums March 23, 2006
A way of calling some one stupid or a sex slave.
You stupid fuck monkey.

Hes my little fuck monkey.
by Dare Devil February 19, 2003
Someone who continually screws up
"Jim missed another deadline? What a fuckmonkey!"
by nzowl December 15, 2003
Someone who is just being used for sex
he is just her fuckmonkey
by Monkeymaster May 06, 2003
1. A person with questionable mental capacity.
2. Person prone to "fucking up" on a regular basis.
3. Person who lacks basic motor skills, smells like urine and fesses and always breaths with their mouths open.
4.A republican
The George W Bush is a real fuck-monkey.
by Charles du Plooy August 24, 2005
A curse word when you've done something quite stupid. Monkey added on after fuck somewhat softens the word fuck when fuck may seem a bit too harsh.
When you keep missing easy shots in a game of pool you may blurt out "Fuck monkey!!" due to your frustration with yourself.
by Heather December 24, 2003
to fuck like crazy, screaming and bouning around.
When Sally discovered her vibrator, she was like a fuck monkey without a cage!
by Hank Kowarski February 01, 2007

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