Fuck Me's - the stylish sexy shoes a woman wears that tie the calf.
Yo son...Kisha looking bad as hell. She got on low rise capri's and them fuck me's.

Da bitch got the fuck me's on
by Fly May 13, 2004
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Top Definition
1) A sing of exasperation, not to be taken literaly by someone not showing an obvious sexual interest.

2) During intercourse, to be taken literally, sorta. Means go harder and deeper.

3) Exclaimation.
1) Fuck me if you aren't an idiot

2) Fuck me! Fuck me! push it in!

3) *wakes up* FUCK ME! I gotta be in court in one hour.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 20, 2004
Something I say to my boyfriend when he's being to gentle
Come on chris fuck me, pound me like a mallard duck.
by HAIL January 05, 2005
To slide your hard cock into me, and make me feel good. I want every inch inside my pussy!!!!
Sliding that hard cock into me , as I say "Fuck Me I want it all the way in me, slide it in me harder and deeper"
by Maryilyn June 08, 2006
what to say when u wake up earley and relize you didnt do your home work
FUCK ME i didnt do my home work
by K dogg January 16, 2003
wut u say in order to have rough sex and when it is screamed it means to do it harder
Ah! Fuck me like theres no tommorrow!
by U.D. February 18, 2004
The phrase you say when about to climax
oh fuck me johnny! fuck me all night long!!!
by Donna Glynn August 13, 2005
can be used once in orgasm stage ^_~
fuck me baby! yes yes!! fuck me!!! be a REAL MAN!!!
by sexy admirer February 19, 2005

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