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A girl with nice lips who you like to get oral sex from.
Jennie has some fuck lips.
by tommy larkin December 04, 2006
41 8
To say the wrong thing,To Put ones foot in ones mouth!
Honey,You look really fat in those pants..........(im such a Fucklip,me and my fucklips)
by Miketrg November 16, 2005
10 3
What you call your annoyong brother who always talks down to you and is rude in a condescending tone.
He called me just to complain about his ex-wife. He thought I was in the wrong offering advice and when he began to talk to me in his rude obnoxiuos voice I qiuckly called him fuck lips.
by buttmunchidiot August 29, 2011
0 0
female body part known also as the vagina
hey maddie! show us ya fuck lips! (usually yelled out from a moving car or while calling someone when drunk)
by dizzle and wooda March 04, 2008
9 10