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The funky knot that occurs in the back of a girl hair (assuming its long) after too much missionary position sex.
I'm gonna need a rake to get this fuck knot outta my hair :D
by delusi0n December 05, 2004
A condition that causes tangling of the hair, most often by very vigorous sex.
After a three day sex and crystal meth binge, I had a bad case of fuck knots.
by nervous_farter April 20, 2003
the resultant knot made in the back of a persons hair due to thrashing about during intercourse.
that fuckknot in your hair makes you look like a giant cactus.
by mdmE April 21, 2003
A tangled mat of hair in the central region of the back of the head. Most commonly displayed by human females after missionary style intercourse, the knot occurs from impassioned head thrashing on the pillow, bed, floor, kitchen counter, etc.
She had a big ol fuck-knot when she got to work this morning, I'm jealous of her morning wood wake up call.
by ZillahRae October 15, 2008
A pile of people tangled and fucking. A form of an orgy.
Speaker 1: I'm so hitting up that fuckknot tonight at Jasmine's house.
Speaker 2: Yeah, I heard she does it a lot.
by Googs December 19, 2007
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