1) Use this when you're giving up on shit. Like you really just don't wanna do it any more and BOOM. "Fuck It"

2) Also To be used when you need to psych yourself up for something! Another more vulgar version of Nike's "Just do it!" and "Why not?"
Man I don't know if I should jump of this cliff... Nah. Fuck It I'm going for it! *Jumps*
by Da Cock-Boi November 24, 2014

When you sign a year book in middle school, you put F.U.C.K. I.T. .. so your friends know you are a Friend U can Keep In Touch.. Yada I mean
by reminecing my middle school October 23, 2010
Adj: The characteristic of appearing to contain a shortage of concern towards problematic events.

Verb: The act of inducing a shortage of concern towards problematic events.
Adj: The cops pulled me over, so i was like Fuckit.

Verb: Dude, she just broke your heart, just Fuckit.
by EmotionlessBastard August 18, 2010
1. Could mean. seriously fuck it.

2. A form of exasperation

3. Used when in deep shit

4. Used when you are about to kill your hockey team mates.
1. Sierra: oh yeah fuck it! That is so hot. more!

2. Shit we missed the turn! Fuck it I'm not turning around.

3. Oh fuck it! *looks around but is backed into the corner with no escape*.

4. *gets slammed into the boards* "Fuck it your dead!" *chases her team mate and slams him into the boards*
by bellydancerhockeyplayer April 02, 2009
A common expression used while considering picking the SMU Mustangs to beat the Houston Cougars. After the use of this phrase, the speaker often dons the head of Shasta the Cougar.
How can you pick against SMU? Ah, fuck it. Gimme that headgear!!!
by TAR2012 November 21, 2011
1. A expression used when you just dont give a fuck anymore
2. A popular song by eamon
1.The house is on fire! fuck it ill call 911 later
2.Fuck all those kisses they didnt mean jack! Fuck it you ho i dont want you back.
by dude-im-cool-43 September 03, 2010
not worth it or the time it took to say (often yelled)
in the time it takes to say fuck it you could have walked away
by dAmE January 22, 2004

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