dissmiss something
by Anonymous January 29, 2003
To completely dismiss a fact of significant importance
I was going to use a condom, but Fuck it, when is the next time I'm gonna be in South Africa.
by Vatonyjmu November 13, 2007
when you are fed up with something or someone you just dont care anymore
Person #1: Where the fuck is Ray?
Person #2: He's still asleep man.
Person #1: Holy shit, we're gonna be late so just fuck it then.
by RILIL1 July 25, 2008
a temporary sickness, characterized by apathy, in regards to matters considered important by society's standards
I've been slacking off at work and in school; think I have a case of the fuckits.
by Flutterbabbit May 14, 2007
A chemical found in marijuana. Fuckit makes you happily apathetic. From Kat Williams comedy act.
You need more fuckit in your system
by TabiKat May 18, 2008
Shortened version of the words 'fuck' and 'it', used when the words are spoken in rapid succession. The speaker is expressing dismay at his situation.
Fuckit, I'm done with this shit.
by bmdavll November 19, 2004
The quote you say when you could just care less, it doesn't bother you, you just move on without thinking about the "ifs" of the situation. It is a way of life that doesn't let the problems of life bring you down.
Guy1 - "Hey dude I just got suspended from school"
Guy 2 - "Fuck It"

Guy 1 - "Hey dude that girl rejected me"
Guy 2 - "Fuck it"

Guy 1 - "Hey dude I didn't pass the test"
Guy 2 - "Fuck it"
by lancerwolf August 13, 2010

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