The mysterious loose appendage of skin on the female's vaginee.
'Holly's fuck flap gave me a rash during intercourse last night. She enrages me. Holly is a dick slap.'
by G-man From Mish June 28, 2006
Top Definition
labia. Pussy lips.
Her fuck flaps looked like a mound of old lunch meat.
by berserker256 May 17, 2003
Synonym used when describing a loose girl's girly bits.
"Oi love, show us yer Fuckflap s."

"I was with this bird last tuesday. Met her in Club I, god almighty, she was wasted. Only like 15 and all. So anyway, yeah, she looked well easy. So I made my moves, and yeah yeah, eventually we got outside right. I ended up fucking her aganist the fire exit of the club. Bloody hell, I tell you, I ain't never seen fuck flaps like hers. Massive! "

by partgirl May 19, 2006
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