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A pearly-white intimacy lotion often liberally supplied to the uppermost regions of ladies in German arthouse films. It remains stored in the nutsack until required by the upright expulsion medium, known as the knob.
Miffy: "Oh Constance, the whole town is saying I trysted with Lord Whitesonly. But we have never been anything other than completely discreet.""
Constance: "Sadly, m'lady, that's less than true. For it has to be said the strings of fuck chuck adorning m'lady's chinular region have been swaying in the breeze for all and yonder to admire for twainscore and an eternity."
by Mr Marky January 30, 2008
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Same Definition as Chuckle Fuck.
Someone who continously laughs at their own jokes or is just completely idiotic.
<Bill stands by laughing at a lame joke he just told to a group of fellows>
Tim, the caustic "you better sound intelligent or I'm going to jam my foot up your ass" guy the group turns to him and says,"You stupid, bloody fuck chuck! Shut your gaping trap!"
by ATLMK July 13, 2006
have sexual relations with a make or female while you have the flu.
1. hey did you guys fuck
2. No we fuckchucked i was throwin up the whole time
by Stewfall February 28, 2009

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