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Almost synonymous with cockblock, but worse. Someone who constantly thwarts sexual encounters out of jealousy because they have no game. Can single-handedly ruin a party unless immediately kicked out.
Who invited Lawrence? Get him the fuck outta here, he's a total fuckbuster.
by The TrUth will find you out March 01, 2015
someone who walks into the room while you are having sex
My mother is such a fuck buster.
by j.lowe April 10, 2008
Amazing; big-time; met by or deserving of exceptional or crazy success; a rowdier version of the word gangbusters.
The cupcakes went over like fuckbusters at Jenny's birthday!

I wanna tap that ass like fuckbusters!

Fuckbusters! That is so badass!
by a pseudonym of pseudomyn April 13, 2011
An annoying dog that bite the crap outta you.
That fuckbuster messed up his hand.
by Steve Dood September 19, 2003
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