1. A person used for the soul purpose of sexual pleasure
1. "Wasn't Steve your fuck buddy for the week?"
by George W. Fucker November 09, 2003
It's like Halloween but instead of getting free candy your getting free sex plus there's no feelings involved.
I have a fuck buddy free sex
by Tasid2446 August 25, 2013
A co-worker who is wiling to have sex one night then go back to livng her life like it never happened.
Last night i went home with nicole...wow she is a good fuck-buddy!
by Gorrila zoe June 29, 2009
A person who will participate in sex without emotional attachment, allowing you to remain "friends". Stereotypically used to describe a female.
Guy 1: Dude, are you and Girl sleeping together?!?

Guy 2: Ya, but she's just a fuck buddy. No worries bro.
by --Anon-- July 10, 2008
two persons who love to fuck, who understand that sexual frustration is unhealthy, who decide they can pleasure each other, no questions asked.
"whose my fuck buddy? yo momma!!!"
by a dozen secrets September 01, 2006
Someone you meet up with occassionally to get frisky. Generally, there are no special feelings attached to them (other than to their genitals). They fulfil your sexual needs...at least a little bit. Haha....
A: Dude, totally met up with the Minute Man last night!

B: What?! I thought you said the sex was crap?

A: Meh...I needed to get laid. He's my fuck buddy until I find something else hottie hunting.

B: Touche!
by FreakyChix December 03, 2009
a girl/guy you went out with but you really didn't have a connection with but the sex was so good that you fuck em from time to time
samantha calls up her fuck buddy john because she is horny
by shane September 03, 2004

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