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(n.) a person of the male gender that is in jail and is being used as an item. The term usually aplies more to convicts on the smaller or younger side, who cannot defend themselves in the "clink". They usually get raped in their cells or in the shower. Sometimes, there is a ring of fuck boys, in which these people are passed around from the bigger, badder convicts, so they don't get raped by "strangers". They also do it for the everyday protection of the very bad things in jail. These fuck boys are also referred to as "bitch", such as:
"Hey! You're my new fuck boy. Your my bitch now. Bend over."
"Oops, you dropped the soap...now bend over and pick it up, fuck boy."
"So, you're the new fuck boy on Cell Blck B? Welcome to the ring."

Basically, the whole ordeal is pretty fucked up.
by Bent Over November 30, 2006
A poser who acts like he does drugs and says he gets "head" from bountiful bitches when in fact hes just a lame bitch ass fool who trys to act all that
Ever heard of that nigga named rio? Hes a major fuckboy.
by Fucknigga471 July 15, 2014
Someones sex slave. Fucked whenever their owner want it.
Corey is my fuck boy
by muhranduh July 25, 2014
somebody who lies, steals, or simply fucks somebody over for enjoyment
"hey bro, wasnt your vodka in the freezer?"
"its not there"
"maybe max took it. hes a fuckboy"
by llama420 December 17, 2013
the biggest asshole possible
A fuckboy includes but is not limited to: dude from the movie "Schindler's List" that sits on top of his private tower in the middle of a city and, for recreation, snipes random people walking in the street.
by ddoll February 15, 2009
1.a "boy"/young man strictly for the purpose of sex; a "disposable "fuck-buddy", male, usually passive 2. a "prison bitch"
"Well, it doesn't matter whether he enjoyed it , or even if he's coming back for his shoes, he's just a fuckboy"
by BIGFOOT October 24, 2003
Beau Durham
Wow that kid is such a fuck boy! What a Beau Durham!
by WWE elbow drop July 15, 2014
A weak man who can't get right and is afraid of others challenging him.
Look at him, he looks like such a fuck boy after being called out on his lameass team.
by Losciano July 01, 2014