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(n.) a person of the male gender that is in jail and is being used as an item. The term usually aplies more to convicts on the smaller or younger side, who cannot defend themselves in the "clink". They usually get raped in their cells or in the shower. Sometimes, there is a ring of fuck boys, in which these people are passed around from the bigger, badder convicts, so they don't get raped by "strangers". They also do it for the everyday protection of the very bad things in jail. These fuck boys are also referred to as "bitch", such as:
"Hey! You're my new fuck boy. Your my bitch now. Bend over."
"Oops, you dropped the bend over and pick it up, fuck boy."
"So, you're the new fuck boy on Cell Blck B? Welcome to the ring."

Basically, the whole ordeal is pretty fucked up.
by Bent Over November 30, 2006
351 352
somebody who lies, steals, or simply fucks somebody over for enjoyment
"hey bro, wasnt your vodka in the freezer?"
"its not there"
"maybe max took it. hes a fuckboy"
by llama420 December 17, 2013
5 5

A word, commonly used to describe a male who's levels of bitchassness are astronomical. Fuckboys have a way of fucking things up for the worse. They have an inability to get their shit done and when given a responsibility they pussy out and usually leave it for someone else to take care of. Cockblocking is one of their favorite past times as is creeping which are probably the only two things that are actually good at.

The term is mostly used by other males and females that know their shit while criticizing said fuckboys.

The term may NOT be used by other fuckboys calling out other fuckboys.
Girl: "You see, Adam and Jay are both fuckboys, but Jay is much more of a fuckboy than Adam. Adam may be a creeper but he can actually get his shit done. Jay doesn't know what the fuck he's doing therefore making him more of a fuckboy."
by maggiethemae July 04, 2011
165 165
A pussy nigga who ain't about shit,hates on everybody over the littlest shit,
"Yo you heard that shitty wanna be rapper man".-Peter asked, "Nah what's his name"-Jason asked Tyheem-Peter said Oh that little burnt face fuck boy,I heard his music that nigga sucks"-Jason said
by xxKarlito360xx November 28, 2009
311 311
10 funniest ass people that throw parties in PA
yo u headin to steve house, fuck no, im heading to the fuck boys party
by oskhino June 29, 2010
31 32
Tight tight shorts or pants, that hug the buttocks or groin area. These are only called this when men wear them.
"How can he walk up in the club in some hot ass fuck boys?!"
by RisenSon December 25, 2005
76 77