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A testicle
Ow my gf bit my left fuckbean.
by Vinnie March 09, 2004
27 17
phrase used by jay and silent bob's persuer, the national wildlife ranger, played by will ferrel
fuck beans, that was them, wasn't it!
by oldie oldskins October 23, 2003
89 7
an exclamation; especially one of disgust, frustration, or defeat.
Teacher: You get to be the tree in our next play!
You: Fuckbeans!
by Daenon and Oron December 26, 2002
34 4
1. An obscenity which is used to show a person has made a mistake or an accident has occured
Oh FUCKBEANS, i've lost my work
FUCKBENS, where is he/she
by Bob Bobberson November 17, 2003
40 13
Exclamation of disgust, hatred.
Fuck beans, that was a lousy assembly.
by Conformist March 31, 2003
34 18
Random expression of anger and shock.
Jim: Hey, did you engage your parking break? Because that looks like you car rolling down the hill.
Steve: What? Fuck beans!
by Jon July 02, 2004
33 20
A word usually used as an expression of frustration or anger.
Guy 1: Dude, did you bring in your homework?

Guy 2: Fuckbeans!
by Martin Thomas July 09, 2003
17 6