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To tell someones to 'fuck off' or 'go away' hence 'fuck away'. Used by a group of people consisting of James Gary and Timo which tend to make up stupid things like that a lot
Bob: can i have a bite of your apple pie
Jim: no, fuck away bob, you cannot have a bite of my apple pie
by Jimmy November 14, 2004
to go away with more emphasis
Jim: can I come on the trip to the zoo
Gary: of course not, fuck away
Timo: that wasn't nice
Gary: you fuck away too buddy
by Gary November 15, 2004
Fuckaway: to plan a getaway, mini vacation where the soul purpose is to spend as much time as humanly possible fucking and enjoying each others pleasures and passions. You stop only for beverages, snacks and to change positions or locations.
Went to the cottage for a fuckaway last week, we fucked for two days straight, every room, the picnic table, the dock, and the lawn were violated!
by kruptor June 13, 2013
1. to pass the time by fucking.
2. to continue fucking.
3. to loiter around.
1. He fucked away the evening yesterday.
2. He can fuck away for hours.
3. The loafers would fuck away all day.
by uttam maharjan May 20, 2012
A getaway where the sole purpose is to fuck the person you're on the getaway with. You can stop for meals and sleep, but otherwise you should have sex the entire time.
"Where are you going this weekend?"
"My friend with benefits and I are going on a fuckaway and we're having sex for hours."
by FWB70 January 20, 2012
When due to situational circumstances, or in respect to developing events, the outlook is bleak, expectations are dashed and/or an undesirable outcome is achieved.
You better get upstairs and turn off the oven if you don't want to fuck away a whole pan of brownies!
by Dr. Billions July 20, 2011
Fuck off and go away!
1: "But if I do that the Christmas tree will be cropped out of the picture!"
2: "That's just too bad~"
1: "Fuck away!"
by sponge_gto December 27, 2014
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